Tony Madero Y Su Orquesta - Viens Danser Le Jerk

Trianon 4637 ets

A commercial release featuring the three names Roger Renaud, Ted Moren and Rio Jeno together.

Significantly, the music publishers are also named, as Jilune and R.L. Julien.

These recordings all appear to have been released on the Miami and Astral labels, though this the sound pressing is more clearly reproduced here, with less distortion than the Stellar discs especially.

Tony Madero Y Su Orquesta
Tony Madero Y Su Orquesta

Face A

Despues De Todo (Ted Moren - Jilune)
Ya Llego (Roger Renaud - R.L. Julien)

Face B

Viens Danser Le Jerk (Roger Renaud - Jilune)
Los Secretos De Amor (Rio Jeno - R.L. Julien)


A1 "Despues De Todo" could be spelt incorrectly - the composition may be "Despues De Toro" as SACEM / ISWC T-003.132.568.4