Yan Tregger, Tony Harvey, Roger Renaud - Cheesy Beats

Justement Music CD JUST 58

This is the CD that started my search.

The French production music label Justement Music, now grown into MYMA (Montmorency Music Agency), compiled these tracks in 2008 for audiovisual synchronisation use in film, television and radio and advertising. They were distributed in the UK by Boosey & Hawkes Production Music (now Imagem Production Music), who indirectly provided the CD I found.

My research suggested that Justement Music's origins were from the publishing company Lido Melodies, who were involved with the sought after library recordings of the label Musical Touch Sound, featuring music by Yan Tregger and many others with distinctive sleeve artwork by artist Pierre Okley. This is now confirmed on MYMA's Historique page, noting their creation of the labels M.T.S., Master Plus and Magicabus and the connection with the Bonneau family; Paul Bonneau, then Christian Bonneau, and finally Sébastien and Julien Bonneau.

The Yan Tregger tracks here are from his work under the names M.B.T. Soul and Patsy and Co, but the sources of the tracks credited to Roger Renaud remain a mystery.

The music on this CD is all commercially available to buy as mp3 downloads from various sources, search for "Cheesy Beats" by "Rio Jeno & Ted Scotto".

Yan Tregger, Tony Harvey, Roger Renaud - Cheesy Beats
Yan Tregger, Tony Harvey, Roger Renaud - Cheesy Beats

  1. Ultra fun - Yan Tregger
  2. Jamaica - Yan Tregger & Tony Harvey
  3. Friday Night Fever - Yan Tregger
  4. Freakin' Out - Yan Tregger
  5. BBB - Yan Tregger & Tony Harvey
  6. Love Cruise - Yan Tregger
  7. Hot Fingers - Roger Renaud
  8. Fleecy Jacket - Roger Renaud
  9. Magix - Roger Renaud
  10. At The Night Club - Roger Renaud
  11. XXX Size - Roger Renaud
  12. Manga Supreme - Roger Renaud
  13. Discoïde - Roger Renaud
  14. Pets' Starship - Roger Renaud
  15. Escapace Sidérant - Roger Renaud
  16. Sexy Girls - Roger Renaud
  17. Breakfast Gym - Roger Renaud
  18. Miss France 2008 - Roger Renaud
  19. Dauphine 2008 - Roger Renaud
  20. I Love 80's - Roger Renaud
  21. Turn Me On - Roger Renaud
  22. Rock Express - Roger Renaud
  23. When Samantha Smiles - Roger Renaud
  24. Unforgettable Summer - Roger Renaud