Rio Jeno, Dick Lemaine, Roger Renaud - So Kitsch
(An Irresistible Cocktail of the Genuine Television and Radio Sounds from the 40's to the 70's)

Justement Music CD JUST 39

This is one of two further CDs from Justement Music I found referencing Roger Renaud. The first four tracks on this release I was able to match to Stellar 25cm/10" LP W. 924 "Dancing Selection Volume 4", this time successfully finding a link to the past.

On this disc, compositions are credited to Roger Renaud, Rio Jeno and Dick Lemaine. Available information from Astral, Miami and Stellar releases, along with Sacem information, shows that Rio Jeno is an alias of Roger Renaud with a lot of history. I can't find Dick Lemaine on other releases, so it may be a new alias for this release. Sacem information suggests the Dick Lemaine alias could even cover more than one composer.

Like Cheesy Beats, MYMA have commercially released this CD to buy as mp3 downloads from various sources. Search for "So Kitsch" by "Rio Jeno".

Rio Jeno, Dick Lemaine, Roger Renaud - So Kitsch
Rio Jeno, Dick Lemaine, Roger Renaud - So Kitsch
Rio Jeno, Dick Lemaine, Roger Renaud - So Kitsch
Page from booklet showing compositions by Dick Lemaine, Roger Renaud and Rio Jeno

  1. Calypso - Rio Jeno
  2. Honey Dance - Rio Jeno
  3. Bossa & Sun - Rio Jeno
  4. You Were So Beautiful - Rio Jeno
  5. Disco Cruiser - Dick Lemaine
  6. White Barrier - Dick Lemaine
  7. Pop Strings - Dick Lemaine
  8. Top Of The Charts - Dick Lemaine
  9. Je Vous Aime - Roger Renaud
  10. Lune De Miel - Roger Renaud
  11. L'Amour Toujours - Roger Renaud
  12. Colombo Is Around - Dick Lemaine
  13. Big Bounce - Dick Lemaine
  14. Yé Yé - Roger Renaud
  15. Jerk, Joke & Joy - Roger Renaud
  16. Funny Tijuana - Rio Jeno
  17. Catch Me If You Can - Rio Jeno
  18. Holidays Forever - Rio Jeno
  19. Birthday In 30th - Dick Lemaine
  20. Good Bye Dixie - Dick Lemaine
  21. Round of Champagne - Dick Lemaine
  22. Charleston Years - Dick Lemaine
  23. Swing In Minor - Roger Renaud
  24. Gipsy Road - Roger Renaud
  25. Play Your Harmonica - Dick Lemaine
  26. Easy Rider - Dick Lemaine
  27. Rocky Sax - Dick Lemaine
  28. Mellow Rock - Dick Lemaine